Services to help you to achieve dealership compliance.

TriStar Motors offers a variety of services to meet your dealership needs, to take you from the dealer education class – all the way to ribbon-cutting and the issuance of your temporary dealer license & temporary dealer plates. We believe that every dealer license project should be treated as if we were building the license for ourselves.

While we are at the forefront of dealer education and dealer license consulting and specialize in clever compliant business models, we are very familiar with all sorts of dealer license applications. Check out our services below to help you become licensed and in the way you desire.

Dealer License Consultations

Our combined experience and dealer license familiarity provides added benefit throughout the planning, education, application development, and inspection stages of dealer license projects.

Onsite Inspections

TriStar Motors robust onsite inspections provide a comprehensive procedural audit, dealer education, and vendor installs prior to inspection & enforcement by the DMV. We will keep you compliant & legal in your business practices.

Dealer Application

We actively manage the dealer license application, provide guidance for the 40+ pages DMV requires, and monitor the inspectors needs for additions and / or corrections. 

License Modifications

Another key resource to choosing TriStar Motors is our ability to modify your dealer license. Changes happen and we are aware of the most efficient means of making these changes in compliance with DMV regulations.